Distribution transformer platform area intelligent management system

1.System overview
       The distribution transformer platform area intelligent management system is developed by our company, spending several years, adopting the latest computer technology and communication technology on the basis of summarizing the features of many domestic low-voltage power distribution network automation system, with reference to the latest standard of power system automation. The communication can flexibly adopt wireless communication (GSM / GPRS, CDMA), power line carrier communication, ethernet, fiber optic communications and other ways according to the actual situation, to provide the customers with comprehensive complete set of solutions for distribution transformer platform area intelligent management.


2、system functions

3.Main features of the system
       The system is set up according to the platformization, modularization and service-oriented idea; It supports distribution transformer terminals from different manufactures; it has high reliability, timeliness, practicability and other features.
       The system can adopt C / S mode or B / S mode according to user needs.
       Master station system supports WINDOWS SERVER 2003, WINDOWS SERVER 2008, WINDOWS XP or WINDOWS2007 and other operating systems.
       Master station system supports Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and a variety of commercial database platform.
       The operating authorization of each system is clearly defined to prevent disoperation, with high safety.
       The sharing of interaction with GIS systems, distribution network automation systems, marketing systems and other system are available at any time.
4.Master station hardware structure

5.Master station software structure

The power distribution intelligent management system master software adopts the standard three-layer structure, from bottom to top as follows: The platform layer (operating systems, communication middleware, database and other support platform), the intermediate layer (business logic server layer) and the application layer.

6.Application examples

         Distribution transformer platform area intelligent management system has been put into use in Daying Electric Power Supply Co.,Ltd. in Suining City, Sichuan province.Its running condition is stable.




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